John Ryan Cantu - January 28, 2018

Reward in the Sacrifice

Level Up

Is it a sin to be wealthy? The short answer, it can be. As Christians, many of us are familiar with sacrifice. We sacrifice our eating habits when we fast, we sacrifice time or sleep when we seek God in prayer. Yet no sacrifice is sufficient if we are clinging to the treasures of the world with nothing stored up in Heaven. In this message, Pastor Ryan discusses the sin of the rich young ruler. Was it in his wealth? Or was it in his heart?

Scripture References: Luke 18:18-30

From Series: "Level Up"

As we dive into 2018 with new plans, new goals, and new resolutions, very often do we fail to include the main ingredient; new strategies. This series will give 4 simple strategies we can employ to do and be better in our daily lives as students, employees or business people, leaders, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, and most importantly, Christians.

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